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How Much Does Lasik Surgery Cost?
How much is LASIK eye surgery?

How much is LASIK eye surgery?

At Fichman Eye Center, we arrange affordable monthly payments to help fit Laser Vision Correction into your budget. Compared to eyeglasses and contact lenses, the price of this CT lasik eye surgery can pay for itself in a few years time. Eyeglasses usually have to be replaced roughly once a year while contact lenses, depending on the type, can be extremely costly to maintain. Pre-approved financing is available online with no money down. Depending upon the desired term, (1-5 years) you can pay as little as $3.00/day for your Laser Vision Correction Surgery.

For questions about the cost of LASIK in Connecticut, call 1-877-FICHMAN.

10% discount for students, teachers, seniors and military personnel.

Patient Financing - a payment plan with visible benefits:

Here at Fichman Eye Center, financial considerations should not be an obstacle in obtaining Vision Correction. Our goal is to make our procedures affordable for any budget. It is for this reason that we make things affordable, by offering a combination of expertise, experience and advanced technology at a price everyone can afford.

You may choose any of the following payment options:

  • Cash or Check
  • Credit Card
  • Monthly Payment Plan

Our Monthly Payment Plans Offer:

  • Zero Down Payment & Special Financing for 12 Months
  • Zero Down Payment & Low Monthly Payment with Interest
  • Zero Prepayment Penalty
No down payment required & no interest up to two years
Monthly payment that fits your budget
Payments divisible for up to 60 months for manageable out-of-pocket expense
No prepayment penalty.
Approval within minutes with good credit standing
Fixed payments that will never change
Fast and confidential application process using toll-free number or website.
No application fees or forms

Fichman Eye Center also accepts negotiated discount contracts from the following:

Vision Service Plan(VSP)
Eye Med
Cigna Vision
Davis Vision
Superior Vision
Blue View Vision

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