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In 1984 Dr Richard Fichman was Chairman of the Dept of Ophthalmology at Woodhull Hospital in New York City as well as an Associate Professor.  Ophthalmic surgery was rapidly changing and he decided to bring these new techniques and technologies to his hometown in Ct.  Initially he traveled 6 times a week between NYC and Ct.  His mother, then 70 years old was his receptionist.  Office hours began at 7:00 AM weekdays and on Saturdays.  Eventually he moved to Ct.

In 1991 Dr. Fichman introduced a method to eliminate needles from cataract surgery, called "Topical Anesthesia".  This technique is widely used around the globe.  It is estimated that 10's of millions of patients have benefited from this technique, revolutionizing cataract surgery.

In 1995 Dr. Fichman performed the first LASIK surgery in Ct.  He then introduced the first all laser procedure.

Dr Fichman has always focused on getting his patients to reduce their dependence on glasses after cataract surgery.  The newly developed Laser Assisted Cataract procedure helps achieve this goal.  The Fichman Eye Center is a leader of this technique in the Northeast.

The practice has grown to four locations with a dedicated team of Doctors and support staff, all dedicated to provide the best in technology and advanced eyecare, from treatment of complex eye conditions to routine eye exams, fashionable glasses and contact lenses.

Over three decades we have stayed true to our founding principals:

To provide the most advanced technologies and blend them into a caring environment.

Specialty Ophthalmology
Degrees M.D.
Experience 37 Years


Dr. Richard Fichman wanted to give thanks to the heroes of COVID-19. He wrote and performed this song as a tribute to all the dedicated essential workers helping keep us safe during this crisis.

WDRC Interview with Dr. Richard Fichman

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